Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday My Son

This is blurry I know but capturing this just touched me.
Greeting Tony with a handshake ! I know I continue to annoy
with my picture taking.

I dont know what more I can say about my son. He has grown

up to be someone I am so proud of, admire, respect, adore and love.

Everyone loves him and speaks so highly of and I am told it is a

reflection of his parents so I will pat myself on the back now..

We sat for two hours and had a nice dinner and I enjoyed

some very good wine!

Dont say I didn't try to take pictures but everyone time the

guys stuck their hands in their face or made silly faces. So boys

with their toys is all I got. Tonight Noah is staying with Jordan

and Lacey and celebrating his birthday with cousins. His cousin

Taylor baked him a cake. They were going to surprise him but

when Londyn saw him she yelled "We made you a birthday cake"

It was so cute. Hope your day was Great. Happy Birthday Noah!

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