Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a wonderful day!

Doug and I spent the day with Penny and Tony yesterday not
sure what we were doing and we just drove and landed here:
The Vintage Roost one more weekend left for this show:

These are so cute as bags or pillow cases!

Penny seriously thought about this candle lamp. So cute!

There was two chairs with burlap that would look

great with my table. Oh well I have gotton pretty good

at just lookin!

However I really really really want this scale~

It is only $38.00! What a deal!!!!!!!

I have admired these cabinets for awhile and if

I had 300.00 it would be mine!

Do I dare say I want one of these too!

Lunch was great here~

A nice brewery in Independence in the middle of the country

was a nice drive and a beautiful day.

And a trip to one of our favorite stores Penny and myself that

is. The guys dont really know why we get so excited to go here

I really love their packaging. I think they have great marketing.

Love this face cleanser.

After a day like that we picked Londyn up and came home

put Pooh Bear in and crashed on the couch. It was a great day.

Had a good couple hours at moms today. Enjoyed baby some

more and off to bed to get ready for another work week. Enjoy

your week!

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