Sunday, May 22, 2011

On My Way~

I am on my way to pick her up. She is so excited.

I was suppose to go get her when I woke up and here

it was 12:30 Sunday before I did~ I have been on a

little or no sleep lately. We went to Eugene Friday night.

Was up late there and up very early. That was so fun

though. It was a very nice neighborhood where the houses

were selling for 500.000! The garage sales started at 8:00

put people started at 7:15 so we started early. Penny and I

get so funny when we start. I even said I dont like who I

become when I shop. (ha ha) never did drugs but I am guessing

it is the best high I have ever had. Even though we didn't get as

much as I expected I did have a great time. Then we came home

and the guys left for Casino for a bachelor party and didnt get home

until 3:00am. I enjoyed some peace and did go pick up my girls for a

couple of hours and we caught up on the last few days. They took a

bath and I did some of their laundry. But today Londyn is wanting

to come spend the night so I am off to get her. These pictures

her mommy took of her, arent they cute? Enjoy your Sunday.

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