Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Here I am~

This is my niece Mary! Our trip to Jamaica. We came home

saying No Worries for quite sometime.. -

Jordan started her four days off yesterday and I have been working

alot lately. Sunday and Monday during Memorial Day. It was

very busy those days. Yesterday I worked almost 9hrs and I know

that is about a normal day but however when your running all of

it and picking up bus tubs all day you can get pretty tired.

It wasnt so bad 12 yrs ago but now I really feel it. I think I whined

literally last night until I fell asleep. Anyways it hasn't left much

time for my Shugs. Tonight she came over and I promised her next time

she came over I would have some Dora bubbles for her. Priceless!!! I also bought

her the princess dress as she calls it and she had to have it on right away.

She took the shirt off she had on and wanted to take the tag off as she

does with most things and pampa always tells her that we cant take

the tags off as gammy wont know how to wash them. So he asked her

what the tag said and she replied" it says Gammy wash me"! I love her.

Anyways that pretty much explains my lack of blogging. Tonight was

catching up on housework and the ten loads of laundry I am doing for

Jordan. I see a huge Thank you coming my way with oh yeah maybe a

Mocha! Just a hint..........

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