Monday, June 20, 2011

A little Spray Paint

Okay so this was a find at Heidi's garage sale
this weekend. It is a touch lamp~it has a three
way bulb in it. I paid $1.00

I spray painted it white, removed the blue thread
on the shade.. Thinking of putting a different shade
on it. Or trying it w/o shade and using flickering
bulbs. I love it!!

I redid the main upstairs bathroom with all new

stuff I got at the sales this weekend. I think for like

$6.00. Will share pics another night. Doug left today

with Josh for Canada and I had so many things I wanted

to do but as you can see it is like 11:30 and I am just now

heading towards bed. I did make a tan for myself today it

was the best ten minutes I had all day. Saw Jordan and

Londyn for a bit. Had a great visit with Daelene. (Like old

times) cleaned the refrigerator, cat box, vacumned, laundry

and worked on top of it. I am pooped. Goodnight.

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