Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Weeks Sales

Okay this was the back of Penny's car. We just hoped people

didnt come to talk to us as we would of been so embarrased. And

guess what they did~

I loved all my shabby stuff and my $2.00 crate

About $4.00 worth of stuff! Love the yellow bowl!

Can never have to many windows right?

Wouldn't be a good day if I didnt find a pile of stuff for


I love this. Was thinking about having Brittany

cover it for me to match the chair she is redoing

for me!

Thanks Heidi for this long shelf. I love it and

already found a perfect spot!

Staying home this weekend and getting projects

done and resting I need it! I did hit a garage sale

across the street yesterday and found some cute things

including another one of these crates for Penny for

$3.00. Someone told me if was from the 40's. Penny

called me twice to tell me how much she liked it. I said

I want it back.. But dont think she will part with it now.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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