Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Very Eventful Weekend

Doug and Jake Burke~ Wedding at The Flinn Building

Doug's sister Sandy's grandchildrens father remarried yesterday.

Tried to catch Tate walking down the aisle

Tobin(turned nine on May 25th he shares Noah's day as well)

Looking very tired, Penny and I had gotton up at 6:00am to

go hit some garage sales. What we didn't know is Friday night

as Doug headed out of the driveway he would land in the hospital

Sunday morning with Kidney stones. I would not wish that on my

worst enemy. So the weekend was rather eventful.

Sisterly Love

Thanks so much Sandy and Greg for the drinks we had.
Also a belated birthday wish for Greg!

Wouldn't be a night without a picture of the twins AGAIN!

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