Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Fam Pics

I think I already posted the chalkboard but it is one I made
the night before. I loved how it turned out. I have been collecting
old frames and wanted to make them as gifts.

This is a banner Susanne made and I am going to use it for
different get togethers. I think it would be perfect for the 4th.

Penny did a great job with adding the burlap around her


I think this is the reason the pictures ended up getting corny!

You are missed! Miryah flew back to

Israel a few days after the party. She is joining

the IDF Military. She served at Izzy's with us

for a short couple of months.

Proud Nana~ Doug's Sister Norene. (Mikhails nana)!

You deserve that beer after all the work you put into the


Saw my dad today for Father's Day. I worked all day. Very busy.

Penny and I took dad dinner for Father's Day!

We had a great short weekend. Drinks Friday night for Doug's

sister's birthday. Then Penny and I got up at the crack of dawn and

hit garage sales. The best finds yet. Cant wait to share pics later.

Off to bed.

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  1. Love the photos. They really do tell a story don't they?! Penny had a perfect party. I am so happy it turned out so nice. Love you girls. Miss hanging out... loves... Wendy


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