Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Weekend of Projects and a little Rest

I so tried I really did. No garage sales this weekend and then

of course right across the street~ What was a girl to do. This

bench was $5.00 couldnt help myself. Pillow cases were from

another but thought they were perfect for the bench.

She loves to help with projects. Everyday on her own she goes and

gets the shovel and cleans dog poop w/o being asked. I am hoping

the ----! fix the fence. Wal-Mart that is!

Another treasure I brought home from my dad's

yesterday. It was laying in a pile of wood. Picture it

in a light white or light pink in my room. Of course

my family looked at me and said NO!

Today I painted this. It has been at the side of the house for

sometime. I need to organize it. I have a little bird bath for the birds.

When I look out my kitchen window I can see the stand and watch the

birds. Most of this Londyn put on it. She loves to decorate. Not to bad.

Oops pic posted twice. Love the white scentsy.

I use to say as long as I had heat and coffee I was

happy, now it is heat, coffee, scentsy!

Londyn picked flowers for me! love them.

Curtains on the left replaced the curtains on the right. From

garage sale across the streets. Brand new in package &1.00 pair
Rest is in there somewhere. Enjoy your Sunday evening.

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