Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have a problem!

I can't help it! Someone help me! I am addicted to these:

 Scales~ any shape, any size, any color.. Brittany was putting two on her Etsy site as she is closing her booth(cry out loud), so she said just take both of them and see which one you want. Yes I did take one to Penny but she has the same problem. She loves them too. She decided that she would give it back and here it is. Looks great dont you think?

I worked in my room some today.. I am really stuck in it. Could it be I just have to much stuff.
But I requested my personal decorator to come help my out sometime soon. Brittany is her name and she does magic. She will just get busy moving and maybe purging some of my stuff. I am hoping to have a garage sale in the next few weeks. I did make a spring banner last night while staying at my parents and managed to remove Valentine's Deco off front porch and add a little Easter today. Took a short nap, so nice and had Londyn over for awhile. She brightens my day! I love that little girl. Pampa is her shoe supplier and bought her two new pairs of boots. She was pretty excited today.. Well I am off to bed. Enjoy your week! Blessings Pam
P. S. I spend way to much time on Pinterest! But I Love it!

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  1. hey you... PLEASE let me know when you have your garage sale.. love your new scales.. blogging and pinterest? where did you get these wonderful ideas... ha! smoooch


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