Sunday, July 29, 2012

Coming Along Around The House!

 Added some luggage that my mom gave me to my pile.. Already had some! Not sure where it is going probably in my bedroom. Still not quite settled. Have yet to hang anything. There hasn't been a day when my car wasn't heading to Goodwill with a load or to my booth with stuff I didn't have room for.. or giving to my daughter and granddaughter or sister!
 Birdcage above was a trade from Angie at my booth.. She is next to me and had something I had and traded me this birdcage. Worked well for me.. It was unpainted and so I spray painted it white. Love how it turned out..
 I mentioned to my mom that I would like to have a flag my dad flew on the flag pole, it is a special memory I have with him. I remember walking out the morning of holidays and hanging the flag.. I am going to treasure these... I have started tagging the things my mom has given to me with the date so I never forget where they came from...

 Love the lampshade covered with burlap. Made by a vendor at the Not to Shabby store..

 Linens my mom gave me that were made by her mother...
 This flower sack I found today at our local antique mall. It was clearanced for 3.50! I was going to put a pillow in it but then I had this idea. What about a cover for this industrial stool that came from my moms..

 My friend Brittany is going to help me with it soon.. As soon as she is done with her class.
 I got this set of white shabby chic Rachel Ashwell sheets from Target several months ago with a gift card I won. They have been in the closet as I didnt want to use them.. Silly huh.. I decided I would go ahead today and add them to my bed..
 Still a work in progess.  Again I have yet to hang anything on the walls yet.. I have a mantle I dont know where to put yet.. I can't believe we have been here a month and still working on it.. I am plain tired..

If I had to weigh in on this subject I would say: A work in progress that will continue to change along with lots of changes coming my way... Summer is flying by and I havent even really got to enjoy most of it... A trip to the coast, a couple bbq's, a few get togethers, several evenings spent with my mom.. a few great visits with my dad, a move for us, a move for my daughter and a move for my parents.. Busy Busy Busy.. Hope you enjoy your week. Blessings Pam


  1. Hi Pam, You have some amazing treasures from your Mom! Having those flags from your Dad are so special and I really like the wire baskets they're stored in. Great stack of suitcases! I'd say you're coming along very well in getting organized in your home with everything else on your plate this summer.
    Mary Alice

  2. oh, so many pretty things, pam! you have really been working hard and it looks wonderful! (i have a metal stool just like yours)

  3. Hi Pam you won the canvas giveaway :) Can you e-mail me.

  4. You've got some wonderful things, but the flag stole my heart. How lovely to have something that holds so many memories wrapped in red, white and blue.
    Summer is you better get to getting!

  5. I can't imagine moving and starting fresh...exciting but overwhelming at the same time :) Everything looks many wonderful finds!! Laurel


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