Monday, July 2, 2012

Im Back!!!!

Well these last few days have been a BLUR! We started moving Friday and was finished around 3:00 am early Sunday.. It was crazy! Thankfully I had three days off in a row.. Back to work tomorrow. Still so much to do but I will show you a couple fun things so far.

 This chair was one I gave to my friend Brittany last Mon or Tues cant remember which but she finished it and dropped it to me on Saturday.. I couldnt believe how fast she was.. I was so excited to have something new for the house..

 Brittany came today and put together my cabinets full of goodies.. Dont worry Kate and Heidi who didnt make it I still have a list of things to do!(ha ha) Really I just want you to come visit me sometime..
 The living room is the only room really mostly put together...
 My dearest sister Penny called me Friday night at the old house and said I left you a house warming gift on your front porch and to my surprise it was this bike.. I Love it!
Fyi the cement stuff is out of sorts still. Havent got it all together yet just excited to show you some stuff. And I havent killed my red flowers yet..

Porch is coming together too! I love my covered porch. This is my kitchen window. I have beautiful shrubs for privacy. Dont know what they are called but they have little blue flowers.

Again a work in progress. Havent even started in the back yard. Thanks for looking.. I managed to squeeze in a visit to see my dad yesterday for his 83rd birthday and a little trip to the grocery store. It is crazy when you move how you dont have time to cook or even want to for that matter.. I am truly blessed for my family and friends. Thanks to the cable guy Denny for prompt service! It helps to know the cable guy.. I was having withdrawls from pinterest and my favorite blogs. Enjoy the evening.. And if I dont get back in the next couple days Happy 4th of July... Be safe! Blessings Pam


  1. Congratulations on your new place Pam!! It is looking absolutely beautiful!!~
    I can't wait to see it when it's all finished!
    And I LOVE your chippy cabinet, just gorgeous!!
    Have a wonderful night.

  2. I love you home Pam... It all ready feels like home to me.. Sorry i was not there for the move.. But i am glad to be less than a couple of minutes away... ~Pen~ I love you...

  3. I too love your porch! It's just gorgeous!! I'm happy that you also won "Vintage by Nina". Maybe we can compare notes once we dive into it. Can't wait. Have a wonderful 4th!
    Blessings & hugs,

  4. Already looks like home...and that is not easy to do in such a short time!!! Enjoy your lovely new home! x0

  5. Looks like you're settling into your new home nicely. You have some fabulous pieces of furniture. Love that chippy cabinet with the pretty green jars on the top shelf. Your little vintage bike is charming.
    I'm delighted to meet you and follow you back, Mary Alice

  6. Oh how I love all of your furniture and the way all of the vignettes are put together! Awesome work you do!!!!

    Happy decorating and settling in to your beautiful new home.

  7. looks great already! You work fast! And a bike for a house warming gift...too fun! Sisters are the best :). Laurel

  8. your just moved in and it all looks homey already! love that chippy cabinet and your great porch, pam:)


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