Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dont know when to Stop!!

 My porch, I don't know when to stop. Is it to much? I just love it.. I use to have a porch that people drove by just to see how I arranged it for the seasons... Now this one is private but I love it anyways..  The blanket above was my grandmothers.. As some of you know we are dealing with putting  my parents in assisted living.. It is hard emotionally and physically as they have so much to be done. Anyways my mom said she was just going to take to goodwill. Um of course it had to come home with me. It is full of holes but I love it.
 This crib day bed is old and metal.. I just don't know what to do with it. I have downsized in this move but I cant get myself to part with it. So for now during summer it will stay on the porch along with every other thing. To Much?

 This piece above all so came out of my parents and I know I can incorporate it into something I do! Mom says just dont get rid of anything before offering it to another family member. I dont think I will get rid of anything that comes from them.. Except maybe for every stuffed animal, picture, school paper mom kept, (just kiddin mom). She even saved my cabbage patch doll never opened from when I was little. I remember her saying it will be worth something someday!
 Cant seem to get my kitchen counter cleared off I just keep finding more stuff to unpack. This old strainer came from the Rustic Frills barn event I went to a couple days ago. Rusty and crusty as I say and only $3.00

This was my dad's camera out of his office. I will treasure it forever.. I really did aquire their attitude of if it is free take it and someday it will be worth something. The motto someone elses trash is anothers treasure. I do love my things but my memories and relationships are so much more important.. I will cherish the old ones and the new ones with the changes going on.. Blessings Pam


  1. Thinking of you....

  2. LOVE the day bed, pam! LOVE the whole porch! i don't think its crowded a lot. its so sweet you kept your gmom's blanket, too:)

    i saw a sign once, that said, "grandma had it, mom threw it out, and i drug it back"! your blanket reminds me of that:)

    love the vintage card with your's dad's camera, too:)

  3. I love your porch - never too much! Your wonderful treasures from your parents and grandparents are definitely keepers! I'm sure so many memories are attached to each one which make them invaluable!
    Mary Alice

  4. Hi Pam,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and the kind comment!

    Your porch is so lovely! It's very cozy and inviting. Not too much! Besides if it's just right for you, then it's just right!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!



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