Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am truly blessed by friendships!!!

Pictures above are from Amy of I have had a couple of personal emails from her of late.. I feel so truly blessed by her! She sent me an email this morning and said she was thinking of my mama this morning.. How amazing is that. I have not met her personally but have followed her blog for sometime now! She is an amazing blogger.. She really does inspire me! Her mom has been going through some illness and we have emailed back and fourth.. I think of most of my blogging friends as celebrities for some reason and can't believe sometimes that they are normal just like me! So Amy if  you read this I am so thankful to have met you through the blogging world.
I had the pleasure of seeing two of my dearest friends today! Heidi came in to my work with her mother for her birthday and we chatted throughout my day... and then right after my friend Brittany from came in with a project I asked her to do for me! I Love how it turned out! I dont have near the storage space in my new place as I did in my old one so I thought this would be clever..
This is my bathroom in my bedroom.. See the cubbies.. I thought how cute would it be to add locker baskets and store curling irons, and stuff like that.. So she made linen liners for me.. I Love them.. I have not finished the bathroom yet and this is not the shower curtain I am going to use but it is still packed.. I had three bathrooms at the other place and now two so I am changing things up a bit.. These baskets in the stand I use to store magazines and telephone books in them.. Now it holds tp, perfume, etc..

 I know I keep posting this picture but I added the rooster welcome chalkboard tonight.. I think the little dog is my gaurd dog by the front door. My mama gave him to me and I Love him..
 My dear sister Penny gave me a whole bunch of hen and chicks so I got them planted and hoping I dont KILL them. I really dont have a green thumb at all. She said I wont!!!
 This rusty bike use to be on my front porch and now sits in the back..
Need to spray paint my table and am thinking maybe cream! I am getting a blue pin striped umbrella tomorrow. This seems to be a catch all right now.. Anyways just wanted to say how truly blessed I am by so many.. I spent the afternoon with my mom and enjoy each moment with her... Hope you stay cool and enjoy the rest of the week. Blessings Pam
p.s. And to my dear friend Laura god has blessed me with  you also. You are greatly loved and appreciated..


  1. Wow, Gal! Everything looks so lovely and charming! Love the baskets with the linen liners, and all of your special touches.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a lovely day!

    Oh and me and Amy are buddies, too. She is an absolute joy, isn't she?

  2. Hi Pam. Man, you are way too kind. I am humbled. Thank you for your sweet words. I think God is using blogs to bring people into our lives that we need.."for such a time as this".

    You are going through a lot and I believe it's up to us, as Christian sisters, to help pray you through. Bearing each other's burdens....

    I just saw that Becky left a comment. I love her, too. Now that is one special lady.

    By the way, we are all the same in God's celebrities. I tend to feel that same way sometimes also, though.

    Have a wonderful day, friend. Will keep praying.


  3. amy is always so sweet, isn't she:) love your baskets and liners! they were perfect for your cubbies, huh?


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