Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Industrial Use

 As I have been given the chance to look through my parents belongings and offered things I notice I lean towards my dad's things. I mean I love everything else also but love this old tool box that was pretty banged up and really chipping paint inside and out.. It was in their attic! It was heavy and as I looked at it closer I fell in Love with the way it opened.

 I couldn't help thinking how could I incorporate it in to my decor.. While being limited on storage space I thought what better way to store my jewelry..So now it is at the foot of my bed with some in there and as I come across more I can eventually get it all in there..
Mom always looks at me with this strange look like why would you want that.. I asked my brother to turn the air compressor on and I went to town getting all the loose paint off... I cant wait to get started with this next project.

Need to get some spray paint next... Where has the summer gone? Have had little time to do the things I enjoy... Thanks for constant prayers for my parents and the emails I have gotton. Dad is still in the hospital with pnemonia.. It was cute tonight when I went to his assisted living place all these elder people swarmed me asking how he was doing... Praying for healing, comfort and peace.. Have a great evening .. Blessings Pam


  1. love these, pam! we have a tool box much like yours but, its made of oak!

  2. LOVE that tool box!! Perfect for your jewelry! I always get funny looks at estate sales and flea markets when I head over to the "guy stuff" :)
    Have a great week! Laurel


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