Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project burnout and a Treasure!

 Sorry it was dark, yes I was outside late last night taking a picture of my new birdhouse... It was one my mom had. All wood and natural color. I spray painted white and can use it for the different seasons. Right now it has a nest with eggs in it. How cute for fall would little pumpkins be in it?
 This screen came from my sister Penny who got it I believe from our friend Heidi! Anyways she gave it to me. It was a natural color and I painted it white today. Very poor  job if you really want to know the truth. Not in the mood but wanted to get it done and to much in a hurry. One day I will touch it up.. Think how cute the linen would be with a print on it...
 These are the burlap bags I got at St. Vinnies for1.99 I have been adding little flowers to them.. I like how they are turning out.

 I am collecting these little flower frogs.. I stopped at a sale yesterday and found one for 2.00.. I then came across these little date cards and bingo cards in my scraproom. How cute to change out each month..

 My new treasure for the office. Trying to go a little industrial in there. Feel bad every room is shabby chic. This was my dads adding machine.. I Love it.
Couldnt help snapping a pic of my chair that makes me feel good everytime I see it... I am off to enjoy and relax the rest of the Sunday evening.. Hope you have a great week! Blessings Pam


  1. yep, you have to fill your bh with cute little pumpkins! love that idea, pam! great deal on the burlap bags!

  2. I love those burlap bus and that chair is so perfect! I am on the look out for two chairs like that to add to my sitting room.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! We do have the same tastes :)


  3. The burlap bags are adorable!! I love your adding machine, too! (I've gone more industrial in my office space, and I love it)


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