Friday, August 24, 2012

The problem for me:

Having a space at the local shabby store and shopping for it but not wanting to get rid of things. However I have done really well since we moved. I have  given things away, taken to goodwill, and to my space.. So I justify with keeping a few things. Is that wrong?

 This cute hall tree was suppose to head to my space but it is old and I love it so guess I will hold onto it for awhile.
 Found three heavy metal iron pieces for $5.00 for all three.. Only one pictured. I am waiting to see if Penny wants one as these are totally her thing!

 While my family was preparing for a sale at my parents they found this window tucked away and probably had been for twenty years. Of course I am keeping this. They saw it and said where is Pam!
This mantle was a must have last year and when we moved here we didnt have the space for it... So was considering taken to my space but for now it is tucked behind my bed. To much I wonder.. Had I known I was putting it there I probably wouldnt of hung the mantle shelf there.. Still a work in progress. I am getting ready to redo a dresser that was red and it will be white. Lots of work but will take before and after shots. Hope you enjoy your weekend... Blessings Pam

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  1. LOVE, love, love your pics! It's funny how many of the same things we have...the #3 basket, the window, and I just got a cabinet that looks almost exactly like yours w/out the top part.
    No wonder I love your style :)


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