Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Trip To The Zoo!

 We decided Labor Day was a great day for the zoo.. The bears were my favorite... We watched them play for several minutes.. Zebra's was Londyn's favorite... At the end we went to the gift shop where she picked out a zebra mask, stuffed zebra, and a cup...

 The monkeys were actually pretty fun to watch too..

 We put Londyn in charge of the map and she enjoyed being the leader and giving us directions..

The train ride was so much fun at the end. It was 35mins though the zoo and forest.. I really enjoyed myself and just relaxed watching her have fun.. We took so many pics of the animals but more of her.. I hadnt been since my kids were little. We took our daughter Jordan with us and Londyn and really had a great day.... I hear at Christmas it would be really pretty to go.. Not sure I want to go in the Cold... Hope you enjoy your evening.. Time got away from me and I havent even had dinner.. Blessings Pam

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  1. Pam congratulations on winning Sheilas giveaway
    Thrilled for you Love all she does!!!


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