Sunday, September 9, 2012

I have a new Man!!

 He is average height, dark toned, nice shape and all mine!! He had a name tag on Mr Adis! Think I need to name my man.. I also think I am going to take him off his base and put him on stand.. I almost said pedestal but wouldnt want to give him a big head oh wait he has no head..

 Hard to see but my friend Laura who I just love gave me this beautiful scarf.. It is cream with burlap and a flower.. My Diana dressform is a collect all right by my closet.
 Mini dress form. Couldnt resist this little one sitting on the back of my toilet.. Maybe I will stick her with a pin and morning notes and reminders to flush..

 One day I went to the Habitat for Humanity, I had been admiring this laundry bag (above) full of old clothes pins and clothesline. It started at 20.00 and then 15.00! I asked the lady if they ever have any sales and she said on what dear, I told her I had been coming in watching for this to go on sale... She said how much do you want to give me? Then she came back with how bout a 1.00!  I was truly blessed by her..
 I also grabbed this utility cart for 2.00 while I was there. It is rusty and crusty just the way I like it..
I made a little coffee station for my keurig coffee pot.. So happy Penny found one the other day brand new with paperwork at St. Vinnies for 25.00 it was missing the silver part the coffee cup sits on and then the next day she found it for .99cents at the Goodwill. Can you believe it.

 Love this little wood cabinet from Not to Shabby! I have given my notice now, I will be a vendor through the month of Sept.. I love it and will really miss it.. Time just does not allow me to give it my all right now... I do hope to do something down the road.. Maybe a sale in the spring out of my garage.. Hopefully I will have time to do some projects also..
Love linens. Put this by my bed and it makes me smile before bed.. We had a big sale at my parents and I have lots of little treasures to share soon. Hope you have a great evening and a great week.. Blessings Pam

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  1. Great finds. I love the wooden cabinet. I appreciate you stopping by and your sweet comments, Pam.
    Mary Alice


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