Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Loot!

Definition of loot (n)

loot [ loot ] 1.spoils of war or riot: money or goods that have been pillaged during wartime or a riot
2.stolen goods: money or goods that have been stolen or obtained illegally
3.lot of presents or purchases: a large amount of goods that have been bought or given on one occasion

#3 Sounds good to me!
My mom had a yard sale last Saturday. It was cool because all 6 of us siblings were there to lend a hand, and had been the last several weekends getting ready for the first sale of many.. We will probably wait until next spring to have more..

 Old linens and aprons are one of my favorites.. The red apron was one I remember my mom wearing when I was little.

 Books are also a treasure I just love! As most of you know my name is Pam and my twin
is Penny! The books were .05each..
 This glass bowl was $1.00. My mom said it was my grandmothers. When I saw the prices of things I just couldnt pass them up.. There is a antique switch plate in the bowl. It was a .25!

 Old bottles were 1.00 or 2.00 The white vases were 1.00 for the pair.. I bought one for Penny!
 Old bowl .25!
 Old plates were .05! I just couldnt pass them up either.

The oil lamps were a gift from my mom... She had saved so many through the years. She gave each kid their pick of one or two. Hard to see but these have the neatest detail on the bottom. I love them! My mom and dad have been so generous with her kids and I am so very blessed. I always knew there would come a time when all this would have to be sorted.. It is bittersweet... I am just loving all my treasures and memories that come with them but would rather it was able to just stay the way it was forever.. Not sure where I am putting it all... I am trying to mark it so I remember where it came from and the history behind it.. Blessings Pam

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  1. love your things. You have such amazing taste.. Cant wait to see the after pics of where you put it all.. Thanks for sharing your blog with us all.


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