Friday, February 15, 2013

Be Still My Heart!

 Yesterday being Valentine's Day came with alot of emotion. With the  passing of mom a little under 4 weeks this day came with some tears. She was about the little ones! My granddaugther her great would of received a gift from her. It would of went like this. Mom would of called me and said Stop by I have something for Londyn. I did not receive that call. The tears came. I miss her every moment. Any now Be Still my heart. This is what strikes some joy for me! Junkin!!!!! The heart above was .29cents at St. Vinnies!
 I hit the local Restyle store and for $6.00 came home with a pile. My cart looked like I hit a flea market! Red bucket above reminds me of dad.
 This silver pot was a huge find for me. I love it!
 This light above I snagged the other day off a truck heading to the scrap metal salvage yard for free!
 Heart sconces .49cents each. Burlap two pieces I will use for pillow cases for outside. $1.00
 Little letters were .10each. I know I will find a use for them. Hanger a .25cent find.

The little things bring me such joy! The large silver bucket may find its way into the laundry room. Not sure yet. Hope you have a great weekend. Blessings Pam


  1. so sorry vday was hard, pam...i'm glad your junking trip helped:) and how cute are the heart sconces?! great finds!

  2. Such fun finds! Your large bucket is actally a dough rising pan. My grandma had one just like it.

  3. So sorry that your heart is hurting.

    Love all of your finds. That bucket is fabulous!!!

  4. Those are some great finds! It's good that you found a way to be happy even though you were feeling sad. Holidays are usually the hardest when you're experiencing loss.


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