Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who Am I?

I am a woman that would do anything right now for my parents to be here with me! Today I would tell mom that my dentist appt went really well, that I am following through with what I am suppose to do! I would tell her how much Londyn misses her. She talked and looked at Grandma greats picture alot. I explained to her that you were not sick anymore and that you were in heaven. Today when I pulled in your driveway I so wanted you to come out like you always did and meet us at the car. I would of brought you hasty freeze peanut butter milkshake because you liked them. You would of told me you were almost out of laundry soap and I would of made you more.. I miss you mom so so much. You were my best friend in so many ways, my confident, my everything.. It has only been a little over a month.. It hurts and I just miss you! I pray that God gives me comfort and continues to give me dreams of you and dad.
Dad- I know your tired and ready to go home. I dont want you to suffer anymore.. I will miss you so very much. I will miss our visits, your jokes, you voice. I will miss you!!!
Who am I? I am a very blessed young grandmother that adores her granddaughter so so much. She brightens my day with just her smile, her voice, her love. I am a mother of two wonderful children who continue to amaze me with their love, compassion, grace! I am a wife to a husband 26years in May. I am always blessed each day by my friends and family. I am blessed with such faith. I have been very blessed with my travels and will be leaving in a little under two weeks for Israel.. My husband, children, grandchild will travel along with my sister, her husband, and their two grown children, and a niece. I can't wait to land there again. The peace a person feels by just landing there is amazing. We have a very busy agenda along with a huge wedding to attend.  I am truly blessed. Please pray for safe travel for us! And if you will say a prayer for my dad to find comfort and peace in the days ahead that would be greatly appreciated. Blessings Pam


  1. Tears. This is so sweet. Sending strength and love to you and your Dad. Take care & safe travels. xx Shauna {}

  2. Safe travels my friend. Sending thoughts for your dad to have a peaceful journey.
    Love you,

  3. Pam,

    My heart is with you! I know how much you miss your Mom as much as I miss both my Mom & Dad.I pray for your Dad as I know he wants to be with your Mom!I hope you find solace in your dreams and memories!! XO Hugs Linda

  4. Pam I'm praying for you to find comfort. I wish you a wonderful trip!!


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