Friday, March 1, 2013

Love me some good ole junk!

 This little ole thing is so cute to me! Everyone in my household would say more junk!
 I have so many locker baskets but who could say no to $1.00
 Large galvanized bucket $3.00 I should mention the bottom is all worn out and some is gone but  I put a little burlap in the bottom and it works fine!
My light in the laundry room. My room is small but try to keep it fun if I have to spend so much time in there right? I think I may of scored a apple orchard ladder. I have wanted one for sometime. No I dont have apples but I have stuff in the house to hang on it. Cant wait to hear my family on that one! Have a great weekend.. Blessings Pam


  1. I love your newest "junk". It is not junk to me though either. LOL! I love galvanized containers and wire baskets. You found those at such a great price!

  2. such great prices for such great junk:)

  3. I have a serious weakness for vintage metal finds. Great score!

  4. Love all your great 'junk' finds!!


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