Monday, February 11, 2013

You Take What You Can Get!

 Sunday Feb 10th a visit to see dad! He always knows who we are. Somedays he is more alert than others. We asked him how ya feeling and he said with my fingers! So still cracking jokes. He is never up long 10 to 20 mins than wants to go lay down.

 My brother Bill, Niece Kim, daughter Jordan and dad!
 You take what you can get! Eyes closed, or dark circles and puffy eyes, pucker face!
We enjoyed our Sunday! Early morning coffee, music, lunch and a pretty drive along the way. My brother is exactly 20 yrs older. He has been a great support for me as of late! Blessings Pam

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  1. Hey Pam - I wanted to let you know you won the scarf giveaway from Sew a Fine Seam! Contact me with which scarf you would like from her shop and your mailing address and I'll forward your information to Jill. You can also go directly to her shop and send her a message - just let me know that you did, so I know she got the message. Congratulations!!!


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