Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fabulous Giveaway Times Two!

It's only fitting that in this month of romance Janet from host a romantic giveaway for you...times two!
She is more than delighted to be featured in three different issues of some of the most stunning magazines around, that are on the news stands at this time over in Europe by Lotus Publishing. She has just received a stock of issues from the publisher...and is still going over them, but she must tell you that they are just amazing eye candy to adore with very scant advertising and lots of pretty photos to inspire!

She is giving away TWO COPIES of the French magazine Shabby Style (Maison et Deco), issue #1 and issue #2 and will pick MULTIPLE WINNERS, as she has quite a few issues on hand. You can't buy these in the U.S.....these have been shipped to me from Europe, so American readers if you want them...please enter for a chance!  
So again head over to for all the details.
She is planning on ending the GIVEAWAY on FRIDAY FEB 15th AT MIDNIGHT (possibly sooner though, if she has time to post again) and winners will be drawn at random. Good luck everyone....
P.S. I am truly blessed by friends and family today... I cherish the small things as of late. A simple phone call from my neice aka sister Kim made me day! Blessings Pam
P.S. S. My friend Trish who always reaches out to me and leaves me a comment. Thanks so much!

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  1. This sounds like a great giveaway! I'll have to check it out.
    Thanks so much for entering The Country Farm Home's giveaway and letting me know how to find you! You have a lovely blog--and I'm following now! I look forward to reading more. . .
    Hugs from the Farmhouse!


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