Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It all started with:

 It all started with bringing more  home from the parents and power washing the front porch! I moved everything into the front yard, which was fun to take the time to rearrange! This dresser came home with me and since I have no where for it in the house I thought why not put it on porch.
 Before picture above I was blocking the walkway to the hose. I thought how cute it would be to make this little corner something cute. I hope to get a fresh load of bark dust for it. Still need to find place for two trunks.

 I love this linen apron which I stretched to make it work around the sink. I thought I was so clever!
I love how it turned out. The dresser also lets me store things in it!

 Oops day bed pictured twice but anyways I dug it out of the closet yesterday!

 This wheel was dug out of the ground at my parents property. They had two acres and its amazing what is out there. I have two gates to bring home and two little red barn doors.

This crown was in my moms kitchen on a shelf. It was silver. Sat there for months and when nobody claimed it I brought it home and painted it and added bling. I love how it turned out. More treasures to share another day. The sale at my parents was so much work. Three hours putting things out and then over three boxing up what didn't sell. It was exhausting and we are all glad it is over. Enjoyed the day with family and soaked up the sun while working the sale. Hope you all have a great week! Blessings! Pam


  1. Hi Pam,
    Lové the wheel you dug up, are those just not the most surprising finds. The number 8 on the mail box love it, like all the French numbers I have been painting. Your dresser took on a paint colour to love and I love the outdoor display of it all.

    I so love your visits and your sharing of your inspiring blog, I will see you and all you inspire soon
    A beautifully inspiring June to you.


  2. Glad your sale went well. I know it's a lot of work. We recently had a garage sale for my parents. Love your wonderful doors and architectural pieces you have adorning the outside of your home.
    Mary Alice

  3. you have such great finds, pam! love the dresser and the cute apron idea, esp:) have a great night!

  4. Pam, I just love your porch!! The dresser looks SO cute! :)

  5. Thank you Pam for making a visit to my place and of course your comments mean so much to me with your beautiful encouragment to what I inspire.

    Thank you sweet friend.



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