Monday, June 3, 2013

Two Posts in One Day!

 Little box I salvaged from the burn pile at the parents. My brother said please take it! It has a cute latch for locking. I think I may open the lid and put flowers in!

 Filling the cabinet with memento's!
 Old frame was hanging upstairs at my parents. It had a broken glass and very old pictures in it. The back was all bowed! I took it to a local frame shop and had it fixed and cleaned. They put new hooks in for hanging, boards in the back also. Now I just need some photos! Thought about putting a chalkboard in the middle!
 Trying to add more of my stuff to the back yard so my front porch doesnt look so crowded!
 Love baskets. I added the #5 to it! Not sure why the number 5?

 My sister gave up her burlap chair so now I have a pair.
 A little over kill here thinking of storing some what nots for a bit.

 Couldnt resist this old map. Now to find a place for it in the office.

 I love old aprons. Washed and now need to starch and iron. Add that to the list of many.
Now on to the exciting part. I entered a giveaway over at! If you havent checked her out you must do so. I love her blog. It truly inspires me! It was for the dress picture above from! I won! She offered me a list of dresses. I am waiting to find out if the one I chose is available. I love their style and was so so excited to win. Thanks to them both. Have I told you how truly blessed I am?
For those of you local that read my blog we are going to be having a huge sale possibly this weekend at my parents home! There is so much stuff. Great prices! Have a great evening.. Blessings Pam
P.S. A big shout out to my brother Jim. Happy Birthday Bro- I love you!

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  1. Congrats on your win! That's always fun. Those dresses are so pretty. I love the old map you are planning on hanging in your office. Those add so much style to a room.


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