Friday, June 7, 2013

This weekend is in full bloom!

 This chalkboard greets you when you come in to our home!
 This weekend is off to a busy start already. Scruffs is doing okay and off to the groomers very early this morning. I'm headed to work and than over to my parents place which we call the homestead now! We are preparing for big sale tomorrow. Tomorrow bright and early will head over there all day! Where I will see all 5 of my siblings.

This mailbox I salvaged out of the scrap pile at their home. I painted it white! Thinking this column should be painted too! Anyways the summer is starting off in full bloom. Hope you enjoy your weekend. I hope to power wash the porch Sunday and rearrange. I have lots of ideas in my head. I wonder what will come home with me tomorrow! Blessings Pam


  1. I hope your sale goes well tomorrow! I love the treasures you've been able to bring home already.
    Mary Alice

  2. hope your sale went well, pam:) glad the pup is doing well, too. the mailbox is too cute!

  3. Pam, can't wait to hear about the sale!
    I'm happy to hear that Scruffs is ok :)

  4. I ALWAYS love your pretty vignettes of cool finds :) Hope the sale was a huge success!!

  5. Hope your sale went well Pam. Lovely chalkboard and post from the 'homestead'!


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