Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My newest follower and some more treasures!

 http://cocointeriorsandfloraldesign.blogspot.com/ just started following me yesterday. I am so glad she did. She is so right up my alley! Anyways go check her out if you get the time. You can also find her on my sidebar with a list of my favorites.
 My goodies came today from http://mustlovejunk.blogspot.com/! I was so excited to get my mail today. Thanks Susan!
 This bottle is so cute and looks great in my bedroom.
 My necklace is so cute too! http://www.etsy.com/shop/recycledchick sent this necklace as well! You can always check out her blog as well. http://www.recycledchick.blogspot.com/!

 This wood piece came from my parents. It was dark, I spray painted it white and put a new wreath that my sister got me yesterday for feeling a little under the weather.

She also gave me this cute little cup and saucer that I thought would look cute sitting on my bed tray! I spent the day off going to doctors appts, cleaning up my 3000 plus emails in my inbox on my desktop, which took like three hours. Since I check my phone for emails they sure build up on here. Got some much needed filing and paperwork done. A feel good day! Blessings Pam


  1. i've not seen coco before--love her blog! (i just found http://thespanishdahlia.typepad.com/ today and love her blog--you might like her blog:) love that your sis has your back--feel better quick!

  2. It's always fun to get a package in the mail. I love Susan and her blog!!
    Mary Alicee

  3. Thank you for visiting me today so I could pop over and meet you! What a lovely, lovely blog you have! I so enjoyed viewing your vintage bedroom and your taste is just adorable. I love that you use so many things that have meaning to you - I am like that too.

    And I must say, you have a very Parisian look about you - very pretty (and European looking ) face - jealous of your beautiful cheekbones! :-)

    big hugs and will visit again soon,

  4. Thankyou so much for that lovely post!!!!! wow! i really appreciate you spreading the love!!!! you are so kind!! and all your new treasures i must say are just awesome!!!
    warmest wishes to you sweetie!!!

  5. Pam, I'm so glad that you're enjoying your goodies! You deserve them :)


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