Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Bliss!

Today I will spend a little quiet time after a busy week and a busy Saturday, I will take time to pray for some sick family and friends. I will take a moment and pray for a blogging friend going through some health issues. I will get some much needed time to spend relaxing. I will get some time with my granddaughter, I will get the house cleaned and I will enjoy the small things. I found some cute things while shopping at the Goodwill the other day. Oh and I will wash the sheets pictured above to the right and iron and put on spare bed. Hope you enjoy your Sunday! Blessings Pam


  1. Pam, it sounds like a blissful Sunday, indeed! Love your candlesticks :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day!
    Thanks so much for stopping by, Pamela.
    Mary Alice

  3. I hope you had a great weekend! Those are some nice finds!


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