Saturday, February 11, 2012

A few to share from the party~

 Here is Jordan and her boyfriend Anthony, while most of you met him last weekend I know some have not. I thought I would share with you.. They did a great job for the party and spoiled her with a jeep..
 I love these girls. Reece was just a few months old when I saw her and it has been fun watching them grow up together. They are about a year apart but you wouldn't know it.. Reece is a girl who can hold her own...
 Can you say spoiled.. She got this jeep, a bike, helmet,  toys, toys, toys, clothes, a handmade purse like gammy's made out of linen..  can you say Love!
And if you cant tell from the picture this is her brother.. I thought the other day about the two of them and hope that they grow up like Noah and Jordan did looking after one another.. Hope your enjoying your weekend... Blessings Pam

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