Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Its Friday~

This morning while I am getting ready for work Londyn(granddaughter) was dropped off so I could take her to daycare on my way to work.. I found her in the bathroom putting my make-up on. She is 3 but already wants to do the things mommy and gammy are doing... I love her!

 I told her to pose for the camera (silly girl).
 Btw grandma great this is the dress you bought her for her birthday.. Aunt Penny picked it out but it is the cutest Osh Kosh dress. She loves it..
 My Dress form seems to be a catch all. But I wanted to show you this shawl that I received from a customer this week. She handmade it. She is such a kind person.. She has endured so much in her life. She was badly burned when she was a little girl and has been through so many surgeries she has lost count, and now at the age of 46 has breast cancer.. And she still smiles and continues to make the best out of what she has been delt. I was so touched by this..
 Hard to see but this necklace says Lucky Mom.. It is one that I won over Christmas from I cant wait to order a couple more here soon..
My mama- again I cant tell you how much I love you! You are strong, you  are a survivor, you make me proud, I am truly blessed. I pray for you and hope you find comfort and peace knowing that we all love you and respect you. I need you!!!  I am so thankful for the weekend.. Rough week but tomorrow is a fun day with Penny and Tony. Blessings Pam

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