Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shabby Love~

We went to my sister Penny's house last night and I knew I had to take my camera with me to take some updated pictures of her shabby bedroom. I love it and it is fun as she is always changing things around..

 Love this pillow she found at St. Vinnie's.. Tony said you dont need anymore pillows but she said you can never have to many. I would of bought it too!

 This frame is in the kitchen. Love it!
Last year I posted about their dog Sierra passing.. It was really hard on them but then a few months later Molly came to them. She is 11 however a little older but was suppose to be a temporary thing, but I think she has found a forever home.. Hope you enjoying your weekend. I am! Very unproductive though but that is okay! Blessings Pam

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