Friday, February 3, 2012

Time Alone well spent!

 Tonight I was alone for several hours. Loved it! I finished this Happy Birthday  banner for Londyn's birthday party Sunday.
 This dream banner for Penny!
 I worked on this order for a banner for Haley. I was told she likes hot pink. I feel pressure for things that arent for me. I love to do them but feel like they are not perfect and I point out the flaws, but Beverly this one is flawed and it is a gift for Haley and when I get the right colors I will make another one for her. Hope she likes it.

 These were given to me by a customer. I don't really do this pattern but for some reason I really like them. They make me smile.. I think just knowing the customer gave them to me makes them special.

 The same lady gave these to me as well. She is a senior lady and these were her moms. I love them. I dont really know much about them but assume they are old.
 Sorry posted twice.
 Perfect for Valentine's Day dont you think?
 I love these blue jars. Found this one at Goodwill for $1.99 couldnt pass it up. My mom gave me a couple and I have been collecting them when I find a good deal on them.
My sister My best friend. I love you so very much. She stopped by tonight and I swear we have our own language, we just chatter up a storm. Oh and we had a little to drink but oh it was good. We realized that even though we work together we miss our time together. She spoils me and I know it is silly but I think she is so beautiful and always put together and I wish I was as put together as she was and I am told we look just alike. Love you Pen.. Hope you all enjoy your weekend. The weather is beautiful here and I am off tomorrow, I am going to enjoy it. I plan on spray painting some treasures and seeing my mama and dad. Blesssings Pam

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