Sunday, April 8, 2012

A beautiful Weekend!

I spent the weekend enjoying the spring weather with a list so big that I really didn't feel like I got much accompished. However one thing I did alot was think about the blessings in my life! Today as I picked my mother a fresh bouquet of flowers along with myself(at my moms) I was reminded of being a child growing up at home. I thought about how I had been married and out of the home now longer than when I lived there. I always remember this bush outside and when it started to blossom spring was right around the corner. I remember taking buckets to that bush and picking up all the ones that had fallen off. Just a childhood memory that came out of a cut of a flower.
What better way to spend some of Easter reading my book that came Friday. I find that I cant put it down. I am not a book reader and most of the time the magazines I buy I seldom read, but just look at the pictures. This book is hard for me to put down. I have followed Stephanie since right after her plane crash. The way she wrote this book makes you feel like you are right beside her living her life. She is an amazing woman.

I guess these are the same picture.(oops)! This is a small area at our space at Not to Shabby!
Penny and I spent some of our afternoon adding stuff to our space. It is really coming along. We were giddy and proud of ourselves as we finished with little touches of flowers and staging our space. We have sold several items already. It looked so cute I kinda hoped things wouldn't sale right away so it stays cute. Funny huh? We feel honored to be a part of it and cant wait for our friend Laura to be able to add her touches to the space as well.
My daughter Jordan who I am so very proud of.. She did an amazing job for Londyn at Easter.. They colored eggs last evening and did a hunt this morning at home! Went on  a egg hunt this afternoon in the country.. She dropped Londyn off to us for awhile this evening so we could spend time with her. Gammy is practical and bought Londyn clothes for Easter instead of candy.. While she was here I was reading my book and she picked up the bible went to the couch and opened it and said God helps us with the fruit, God helps up take care of the dogs and cat, god is good! She gets it! I am truly blessed...

My son Noah, who truly amazes me with his kindness and generosity! Hi is truly one of the most giving people I know. He moved out last week.. He was back home for a year and now is out again. We are an empty nest now. It is strange. I am silly because everyone talks about how nice it is when their kids move out but I on the other hand feel misplaced a little. No matter how old they are when bedtime is here I long for them to be home. All of them!
Hope your Easter was a wonderful blessed day! Mine was! Blessings Pam

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