Sunday, April 22, 2012

She has a way of making you feel Special!
Melinda over at alabaster rose designs is so inspiring. I look forward to each and every post... Imagine my surprise one day when I happened to be looking through her list of blogs and my name was on it! I could not believe that little old me had something to offer people to read and inspire. Made me feel special. Not only that but she takes the time out to read each comment and always responds back. Thanks Melinda!!!!
What a beautiful weekend! I am exhausted however! I have not sat down all weekend. Do you ever feel like you just pace around and are not really getting anything accomplished? I did manage to paint, paint, paint stuff for our booth.. Lots of white!!! I am getting better and proud of myself! I also got some small stuff ready as well. Had yard done and hedges trimmed today.. Lawnmower in shop! It drives me crazy as I am the type when I want something done I do it myself and get it done.  Made my laundry soap for the week, got my hair done, and have done two great workouts in the last couple days. It is no wonder I am tired.. Also got a trip into Trader Joes.. They have an awesome wine selection (speaking of which) I have a bottle chilled and waiting. Enjoy your Sunday.. Blessings Pam

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  1. I just found your blog and I like it!! I hope you dont mind, but I made myself your newest follower ;)

    Happy Wednesday.


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