Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Heading to Shabby Booth!

It is wierd to say that! These items will be heading to my booth in the next few days.. I use to wonder why my friend Brittany could part with things so easily. Now I really understand that when your trying to profit you just have to give items up!
 I found this pepsi crate today.. And normally it would be staying with me. Not now!
This shabby stand is old and really hard for me to part with. I removed the door and think it looks much better. The top is old and worn and the back side is old wood planks. Can you say Love! We took some stuff down on Saturday. Just a few things. It is such an amazing place. Lots of new vendors. I believe the store if full now with vendors. I met some really nice people. And with Penny and I being very new to this they were very kind to us. I have lots of ideas stirring in my brain. My picker Tom dropped two old bikes the other day so will be working on those very soon. Blessings this evening. Pam

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