Saturday, April 14, 2012

French Charmed Winner!

Lucky Winner On Friday The 13th

Oui! It is one lucky Friday the 13th for the next winner in the April In Paris Event. Mr. French Charmed has drawn this name from the Magic Black Hat Box.... pballard of Oregon! You have 24 hours to respond to your winning email notification. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a "charmed" evening darlings!
So I copied the print above out of excitement.

The magazine isn't available until the 1st of May and will be shipped then. I have wanted these for awhile. So very excited... I have truly been blessed lately. Not just with my winnings but with my friendships I have,and family, a beautiful day, a wonderful granddaughter who just amazes me with her beauty and spirit. Oh how I miss my camera.. Londyn learned how to snap April 12th.. I wanted to journal that for keepsake..  Started working on the spare room today for Londyn when she spends the night. Tonight she went to bed in there by herself. She was so excited. After a very long day of fun and play I am off to bed. Blessings Pam
if you want to check out the blog that I won the magazine here it the link above!

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