Saturday, May 19, 2012

On the look out for these:

You know when I get it in my mind I want something I look look and look until I find it. I must say this is a challenge! I have posted pics on Craigslist several times.. Nothing! Been to a few sales and nothing. I want them for my kitchen! Any ideas on where to find anything close? I have looked at Coastal and Wilco Farms, but nothing like I want plus it would be great to be rusty and crusty! Enjoy your Saturday! Blessings Pam


  1. The top two photos were the beautiful Buckets of Burlap home and I think she got her nesting boxes from the flea market in Canton, Texas. Thats probably where she got the feeder also. Just keep looking and you will hopefully find the exact thing you are hunting for. Good luck..

  2. rusty and crusty--2 favorites of mine! hope you find each and every one of these:) thanks for your sweet comments--i'm your new follower:)

  3. Ever want to come to MN? I know of the BEST barn sale...tons of feeders, all shapes and sizes :)


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