Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dinner for 2!

 I love the milk glasses and pitcher that came from my parents. I think for me inheriting all these treasures makes me feel like I have them a bit longer. It brings me joy!

 Old egg basket took some work digging out of the dirt.
 Galvanized chicken feeder holds a nice collection of bottles and dishes.

 Locker was my sisters. She is not a hoarder like me! Good for me. If she doesnt have room she doesnt have room. If I dont have room I make it!
 Old box used for storage. Maybe a paint job sometime in the future.
 Again a shabby piece my sister had no space for. I put it in the bathroom!

Old railroad lanterns hanging in my dads shop for many years. One is penny's but I brought it home to clean and wait for her to come and get one! I have been out of batteries for the camera so have been a very bad blogger lately. Oh how I missed it. Hope you enjoy your day! Blessings Pam
p.s. Thanks Heidi and Bev for coming to visit last week. It was so good for the ego! I assured my family who continue to think I have to much junk that they thought I just be published in a magazine!


  1. Treasures from previous generations definitely keep their memories alive and it's a great way to keep the connection of family! You have some wonderful keepsakes from your mom and dad.
    Mary Alice

  2. How great that you have so many wonderful family treasures to go with all the memories! How lucky for you too that your sister is out of room!!! LOL

  3. Pam, you've got SO much great 'junk' from your family!! I'm drooling over that shabby cabinet in your bathroom-LOVE!!


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