Saturday, May 25, 2013

Truly Blessed with Two Wins!

A couple weeks ago I entered a giveaway on Susan's site: for her one year of blogging. Which is crazy as she would appear to have been blogging for years. I love her style and always look forward to each post. I found her at the beginning and we have emailed a bit and feel a friendship connection with her. Well I won and was so happy!
The necklace is from ! I am going to have it made silver plated with the letter P! The tags are cute along with the bottle. Cant wait to look through the magazine also. If you haven't visited Susan's blog go check it out. You will love it I am sure. The next giveaway I entered at it was for a $25.00 gift certificate to: I love their product. I am going to order a necklace with five charms in it! So also check her out as she has some lovely things over there.. I cant wait to get my order complete and get it to her. Thanks so much to you all! I am truly blessed for it! Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend. Today is my son Noah's 24th birthday. I cant believe it! Where did the time go?
Dinner and drinks last night! Sorry pic is so dark. So proud to be his mom! Blessings Pam


  1. congrats on your wins, pam:) hope your day was great!

  2. Contrats on the it not the best to receive a win in the post box? But, two adds the best wow-ness to anyone's joy.

    Thank you Pam for gracing your beauty over at my place and taking the time to comment that joys my May!

    I am now working on a couple of new salvage pieces to post sometime in June.
    See you an all your beauty that inspires soon.

    A beautiful day to you.
    Month of June to you.




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