Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vintage Rescuer!

 So I was thinking maybe if I gave myself a title it would give me a good reason to be bringing all this stuff home! I have such a love and passion for it. The problem is since I don't have a booth anymore and most of this has a sentimental value to it I cant or don't want to get rid of it. Where to put it all? Still trying to keep a clean and organized home!One that doesn't smell of musty old moth balls. I think I am doing okay. It has allowed me to sell some stuff that doesn't mean that much to me! I have been posting stuff on the virtual garage site which stressed me out a bit. Takes alot of time on my phone but that is okay. A few dollars here and there is also nice!

 Would you of salvaged this scale in the shape it is in? Well I really liked it. It looks like it was in my moms house fire years ago!
 These old bottles were in my moms antique room. My sister and I split them. They have been stored for many years. I had a terrible time getting the lids off of them! Not sure what I will do with them yet. Maybe a cute chalk label holding q-tips and such.

 I love old linens. There is a big pile. I soaked them all night and they are washing as we speak. Then the iron will have to come out. The mirror behind is old and has some neat scrolls on it. I am thinking of spray painting white?

 The treasures I found in this leather sewing bag! I think the bag itself would be cute to take to the market..
 Sucker for old brushes and this old curling iron.
 My dad had this old first aid kit. A must have don't you think?

 Love this hat.. Looks cute in my room.
 Great piece for my jewelry. I cant turn anything away with my grandmother's name on the bottom. It meant something to my mom for her to save it all these years. I will do the same!
 My husband finds this a bit creepy! I am fascinated with these old pictures. Who were they? Do they have family somewhere out there?
 Getting a little crowded but found a place to store my suitcase
 I even found something for my granddaughter. I so remember these! I told her they were old and I had them when I was little. Did I just label myself?
This mantle happens to be my sisters. I lay in bed at night thinking of talking her out of it. Where could I put it. I just don't have room!!! I will admire it until she picks it up! So I will call myself a vintage rescuer and see if I feel better about all this stuff! Have a great day! Blessings Pam


  1. I am drooling over all your treasures!!! Those jars with the rusty lids are fabulous! YUP, I would have salvaged that scale!!!

    LOL @ the musty smell . . . I have noticed that in my creative space as that is where I store a lot of the hardware that I find and linens etc . . . . .


  2. Hi Pam, i just lové the vintage jars and rusty lids they are so yummy :)
    As for the child's mugs I so remember these and we had some of them in our family.
    I don't know where you are going to start with storing and blending them into your home of treasures. I finally rid myself of the last of things I really did not need taking up room in my home and it feels good to make room for the new pieces of old I find :)

    Thank you Pam for taking the time to visit, you make me smile with your comments.
    See you soon and all the treasures you inspire.
    Beautiful weekend to you and an inspiring June to follow.


  3. Thank you for your sweet comments, Pam. It looks like you have some really great treasures too from your Mom and Dad's! Where to put it all is the question...right?
    Mary Alice

  4. Pam, you just keep bringing home more and more great treasures!! I'd have a hard time parting with anything, too!

  5. love the scales, esp, pam, but, what wonderful goodies!! happy weenend!

  6. Wow, the jars seem to be a hit. So I for sure will find something cute to put in them. Thanks for all the comments. Love them!

  7. I think that is a great name! You have a lot of interesting things and the care that you give them makes them that much better. I remember collecting old hats many years ago. I used to imagine how neat it must've been for everyone to be wearing a hat when they got dressed up. They are really a passing fad now.


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