Sunday, July 21, 2013

Attempting to Craft!

 I love burlap! I don't sew but a glue gun suits me just fine! I was itching to get out in this beautiful weather so made it simple...

 My attempt at a redo of this industrial stool that I got from my dad's shop.. Not the best but it suits me as well. Was going to stamp a # on the top and may at some point. The nice thing is I can change the top anytime I want to!
Another busy weekend for me but did manage to squeeze in a little fun too! My sister in law pictured above who happens to be my sisters mother in law Rena! She has been pretty amazing to me as of late. I love and admire her as she has endured a lot as of late! Penny pictured right and my husband on the bottom. Hope your enjoying your Sunday! Blessings Pam


  1. Really cute tote! I would never know that it was not sewn. And the stool? Darling and love that it was your dad's. A great shape painted that yummy blue that I so love! Hope the rest of the weekend turned out as great as these projects did!

  2. such a cute bag, pam! i have a stool like yours, and need to recover the seat--tfs:) great pic!


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