Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy 84th Today Dad!

 Today I found myself a tad emotional. It will be 4mo w/o my dad on the 9th of July! Today he would of been 84! I miss him... He always said I don't have birthdays they get rained out. It was a joke he said for years. I couldn't help think the sun shines today for him! So much has gone on this year I think each day triggers an emotion, fear, peace, faith, frustration, anger, love!
 I brought this tool caddy home the other day from dads shop. Took the nails and dust out.. Hosed it and love it where it sits... Again just a little piece of him I get to hold onto!
 Great time this weekend. We went to the beach where we all got some sun, I couldnt believe how nice it was there... So peaceful.. Than headed over to Penny's for some drinks.. Long day but fun! Being a twin is so cool. Cant imagine life w/o her.
 Love this pic of granddaugther at the beach.....
 Today Gammy got to take her to her first swimming lessons of the year. She was counting down the days..
My children.. Where did the time go. I am so very proud of these two! Noah is moving out in a couple of weeks for the 2nd time! Excited for him and a little sad at the same time. However with that said I am already planning a spare room! Let the decorating begin. Enjoy your day! Off to work... Blessings Pam


  1. Oh Pam, that is so sad. but i love that you brought home a piece of your dad to cherish. And you are a twin; wow! that must be amazing! something i will never get to experience!!! lol!
    happy 4th of july for tomorrow!

  2. Pam, I'm so sorry that you're feeling sad over your dad. It looks like you had a wonderful day with family, though. You and your twin are gorgeous! :)


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