Sunday, July 14, 2013

Productive Weekend!

 Having been gone to the coast one weekend, camping over the 4th of July and starting to clean my rental, I vowed to stay home yesterday and catch up around here. It started with rearranging. I hadn't done that in awhile so I really got inspired.
 The sewing machine came from my moms. Needs some tlc but I am in love with it!

 Love the bottle I got a Friday morning garage sale. They had several and now I am bummed I didn't buy more!
 The box is a pepsi crate. I removed the pink ribbon and the paper inside. For 2.00 it was a steal! Love the linen bag she just gave it to me!
 The chandelier and frame along with ironing board was a gift! So with the garage sale and afternoon gifts it made my weekend!
 Also given to me was this mantle shelf. I cleaned it and added hooks. Cant wait to find a place to hang it!

Ironing board is real old and looks primitive. I was telling my sister about it today and she said you didn't iron without a cover did you? Oops.. I am not an expert guess I will be looking for cover. I have used a standing steamer for years. There is something domesticated to using an iron.. Now speaking of that I just got done making two homemade buckets of laundry soap. I have been making it for almost two years now! Haven't bought store brands since. My list gets bigger as I am making for several now. It feels good to gift it out! Had great day with my sister Teresa, we started the rental and had a nice lunch! My parents would be proud of how united we stand! Blessings Pam

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  1. Pam, I always love looking at pics of your vignettes! You've got so many great things! :)


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