Monday, January 6, 2014

A Few Finds!

 Since Christmas I have been decluttering and organizing like crazy... Planning on not buying anything for the house for a couple months, mainly to catch up on Christmas Bill etc. Today on the way to pick up my granddaughter I decided to stop in the Habitat for Humanity. I ended up finding this scale for $5.00 and two flower frogs that are soaking in bleach as we speak. They were .50ea! Couldn't resist.. I have a thing for scales.
 This picture doesn't do justice for these vintage silverware pieces. They really have alot of patina to them.. They are from a customer of mine at work that knows what I like.
 The sun came out yesterday and it was a welcome sight. Even though it is way cold it reminded me of summer days with BBQ's and summer salads. I know we have several months ahead so shouldn't get to excited.
Saturday I was enjoying some girl time out for lunch. Had a few drinks and my husband text and says oh btw my Christmas party is tonight. Really I had like two hours to get ready. After the few drinks what I really wanted was a nap lol. Guess it was good I didn't know ahead of time. Considering I had never met his work crew I would of stressed for a couple weeks what to wear, get eyebrows waxed etc. I really wanted to kick him under the table when I realized it was a white elephant gift exchange that I didn't know about.. It was a really nice nice place. Lamb, cod and chicken main course.. Overall it ended up being fine... Could of dressed nicer but was comfortable... Hope your all having a nice start to the New Year. Blessings Pam


  1. You looked great. I bet the evening went better since you had those drinks ahead of time. That's funny.

  2. Pam, you look gorgeous (as always!) Love your new finds-the scale and the flower frogs are great scores! :)

  3. yes, pam, you look lovely! fab finds--wish indy had lower priced things. enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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