Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beautiful Weather here in the Northwest!

 These past few days have been amazing here. The sun shines and reminds me of spring and summer. The patio door is open for fresh air, and last night we had a bbq. Tomorrow the rain is coming and I know we really need it but I will take this weather any day!
 Well I already managed to kill my paper whites. So now I am left with a pretty bowl..

 This keep calm sign is a custom made sign from a local gal. She is a friend on instagram. She actually is someway kinda sorta related on my husbands side. A cousin of sorts. She is one talented lady and I am finding that we really like the same things. I pick up my sign today and cant wait to see where I put it.

 My first two packages went out this past week. I participated in a pay it forward 2014! The first five that responded would receive a package big or small in 2014! I have been so blessed with giveaway wins and just random things sent my way. I am so grateful! It is so fun to receive but I am finding it is so fun to send them out too!
 I bought this primitive cabinet on a virtual site and if you know me everything is white. So I painted it Friday evening. I wanted to remove the gingham but it was so stapled in there I would of had to cut it out. I think I will leave it this way for a bit and than change it out to chicken wire or white lace!
My daughter is flying out to Texas for a couple days for work so starting tonight I will have Londyn for three nights. I better get some stuff done before she comes. My daughter works for a family based business, several family members and their friends. Tragically they lost a young friend Friday afternoon. He was hit on his bike by a train heading into work. It was a rough day for them. It reminded me again how short life is and how we should never take for granted each day god gives us. My heart hurts when my family are sad and there is nothing I can do but offer prayer. Have a wonderful day. Blessings Pam


  1. I'm still stuck on the part where you have summer-like weather. WHERE DO YOU LIVE? I want to go there! In Chicago the schools are closed, not even due to snow, but due to it being so dangerously cold that they can't risk little kids getting frostbite while waiting for the bus!!!

  2. It does feel good to the giveaways! I love the pictures of your mom and blessed to be loves by great parents...

  3. Pam,
    I so love everything you have done with old salvaged items. You have such a nice way of re-purposing & putting your own spin on things!
    I am looking forward to having you out at Blackberry Junction with us......Keep up the wonderful work my dear,


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