Sunday, January 12, 2014

Do you get tired of:

 Do you get tired of my poor picture quality? I have just been using my phone. On my to do list is get my cannon in the shop! I love having my phone at my fingertips though. I am a mover constantly. Drives everyone nuts. I am constantly moving things around snapping pictures.
 I found this fur neck wrap around at a local shabby store and for $6.00 couldn't refuse.
 This cigar box came out of my dads shop over the summer. It was pretty dirty but with some oil it came out looking pretty nice. I love it.
 A local salon was selling these wine carts that they had used as roll carts for hair products. I have started adding some black in the kitchen since we got the new dining table a few months back. Most of my house is done in white.
 Another gift from a customer of mine that knows how much I love vintage silverware. The picture looks yellow. It is a very tarnished silver gerber spoon. I really like it too!
 Yesterday we went to a dinner for my nephew. I knew I would see my sister Penny and sister in law Starla. They were due for new banners, the last ones were Christmas themed. Believe is a saying all my sisters and I have and buy each other things with the saying on occasion. It took a whole twenty minutes to make. I was reminded how much I like to craft.
Last night after our dinner we all met over at my sisters house. I have been wanting bangs for sometime and my sister in law brought her scissors. Picture in black and white to hide the dark circles, freckles and wrinkles. lol. I do look extremely tired here, so today I am going to rest, sit, relax. Looking forward to seeing my granddaughter this afternoon. I cant wait. Blessings Pam


  1. Hi Pam! I am visiting you back from my blog...thank you for visiting and for grabbing my looks awesome on your blog! Following you now because I like your style and that you love vintage! I LOVE that crown! You look great in bangs too! I can't relate to the convenience of a phone camera...I don't own one....yet! Nice to visit you!

  2. Your hair looks nice I usually have my point and shoot with me. By the time I figure out how to use my phone camera the moment has come and gone. Love the vintage banner.

  3. love your bangs, pam! your pics are fine for me:) my son just gave me a wine cart much like yours:) the gerber spoon brings back memories. have a great week!

  4. I think you look fabulous dahling! :) And your finds are wonderful!

  5. Your bangs look great! I love your banners! I hope you get your camera fixed soon.


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