Sunday, January 19, 2014

Once a week blogger as of late!

 Sadly these past few weeks have left me so little time for nesting, creating, and doing the things I so enjoy. That is life I suppose and I am blessed to be in it! I have had a touch of a virus these past few days and it still is hanging on a little. Today I am going to try and rest and take a movie in.
 These linens were a gift from a friend of many years. A friend that is on facebook and knew my taste and how much I would love these linens. I bumped into her the other day and she said I have something for you.. I love them and will treasure. She happens to work at a dry cleaners where I picked them up ironed pressed and smelling ever so lovely.. Thanks Ronda!
 I don't know if you remember the post where I said I would soon kill these paper whites. Yep it happened. A few weeks later they were dead and I was left with a pretty bowl.
 Another gift from a customer at work. Seems to be a weekly thing. I love them and will treasure all my silverware.
 This past year has left me buying more and more handmade items. These boot cuffs above are just that. I love them and cant wait to wear them.

 I love when family and friends send me pictures of what they did with their banners I make them. It makes me feel so happy that they like them. I had a few orders for them and almost have them finished. Asked how much I said free. For me it puts to much pressure on making them for money, kinda takes the fun out of it for me.
 This girl Londyn loves to help Gammy with the making of homemade laundry soap. I have been making for a few years now and she always likes to play in it once it thickens up of course. Once we start putting it in bottles she loses interest. Man I love this girl!
Londyn will be 5 Jan 30th. Where did the time go? Just signed her up for mini dance class. It is a one day thing and than the following Tuesday she has a chance to perform what she learned at a Men's Varsity Basketball game. She is super excited and now counting down the days to that and her birthday. Hope you  have a blessed Sunday. Tuesday is a year since my mom passed. I cant believe it. More on that on Tuesday. I might actually blog twice this week! Blessings Pam


  1. I hope you feel better soon! What a beautiful gift from a friend! The banners look so pretty in their settings.

  2. love your linens and boot cuffs, pam:) sorry about the flowers, and i hope you feel better soon.

  3. She is a DOLL :) How sweet of you to make those banners fro friends...they are so pretty!

  4. Pam, what sweet gifts-you're so deserving! Hope you feel better soon! (And Londyn is adorable :)

  5. Sounds good to stay in and watch a movie. It is a blizzard here right now so I am in for the day. I only blog once a week and have been the whole two years since I started....can't come up with stuff to write about more than that! Londyn is beautiful! I have two granddaughters and loving it! I love your banners and your new boot cuffs. I had a gift of a whole bag of linens too. Just treasuring them for now! Feel better!


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