Sunday, December 11, 2011

A cabinet redo!

 So most of you know that I love to decorate.. Most of you know that I hope to someday have this as a business. I could start it now by just decluttering my home.. I am kinda working on my first sale in February. My mind is constanly going about it.. Anyways shelf above I really wasn't in love with it but could see the potential in it. Had a vision in my head.. It is very heavy. Thanks Tom for helping me get this piece home. The guys were waiting when I got here with it. Not really overjoyed mind you but they assisted. I had them move it upstairs on the landing, thinking I would put in my room with quilts etc on it.
But soon realized it was to big for where I wanted to put it. So a few days later I asked them to move downstairs. Today I got busy painting it. Not really my favorite thing to do. I will have to aquire some patience for that if that is what I am going to do.

I love the old wood behind.. In the middle of the whole thing my belt sander gave out. I mean the sandpaper ripped so not having showered or gotton ready for the day, I got on the phone to Doug who was out running errands and asked him to stop at Home Depot to pick up what I needed. He did! So what do you think? I put things on it and realized I left paper on all legs so I wouldn't get paint on the floor. Now I have to unload to lift it out. That is for tomorrow. I am pooped.. My two days off went way to fast. We had a quick trip to Portland last evening to dinner and a club to listen to our niece perform. That is for a later post. Now to a hot shower and maybe a sit down t.v. show..Blessings Pam

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